Czech Casting – Alena (1485)

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Czech Casting – Alena (1485)

Published: 02/05/2015
Name: Alena
Age: 31
Location: Prague
Occupation: shopping assistant
Characteristics: oh, pretty woman
This is exactly the sort of girls I adore. I love to see them fluffing up on the white sofa while looking ostentatiously down on their peers who fuck on camera. Talking big. Boasting about moral principles. And the sharp U-turn they make when they stay alone with our cameraman. Alena is one of the most striking cases of this attitude. Czech girls are so quick to fall for the bait. Give them a handsome guy with a hard cock and things gain momentum. This casting is perfect! Check out Alena and her juicy ass with spunk all over it! Czechcasting is here only for you! SEE MORE HERE