Czech Casting – Barbora (7757)

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Czech Casting – Barbora (7757)

Published: 10/10/2012
Name: Barbora
Age: 20
Location: Prague
Occupation: nurse
Characteristics: NILF (nurse I’d like to fuck)

Nurses, oh my God nurses… Only the sound of that word is sexy. But wait to see Bara’s face and her body, you won’t believe your eyes. She’s gorgeous, sweet and she knows where to touch, what else could you ask for? Bara first came and wanted to film with her boyfriend. She was decided she will start filming hard-core scenes, but the boyfriend was her condition. Well, very nice plan, right? However, in the end it was our cameraman who enjoyed the seductive curves of her body… Watch and enjoy, I’m heading to hospital, I feel like I need immediate treatment from a certain nurse…   SEE MORE HERE