Czech Casting – Renata (5205)

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Czech Casting – Renata (5205)

Published: 03/20/2012
Name: Renata
Age: 19
Location: Dvur Kralove
Occupation: a waitress
Characteristics: not an angel
If you’re fed up with all the boring stuff on TV these days, then you’ve come to the right place. Bet you’ll never forget this CzechCasting episode and you’ll talk about it all over and over again with your friends in the pub. The subject of our sex research is a nice girl from Dvur Kralove called Renata. This nineteen-year-old brunette looks like a normal girl from a small town. But take a second look and the thought of prolonged pubescence will probably enter your mind… Take a third look and you’ll see a cheeky girl in need of some spanking. By the way, her ass feels like velvet. Immediately after the casting, she was getting ready to kick her boyfriend’s ass, making him her ex-boyfriend. Also, five hundred Korunas come in handy all the time, so look forward to seeing a great fuck. Renata came all over the place, so there’s a lot to indulge in. Enjoy! SEE MORE HERE