Czech Casting – Sona (4223)

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Czech Casting – Sona (4223)

Published: 05/28/2013
Name: Sona
Age: 19
Location: Prague
Occupation: student
Characteristics: sexually inexperienced
Guys, what more can you ask for than for a beautiful inexperienced girl that needs an introduction into the secrets of good shagging? That’s exactly what our latest discovery is- beautiful 19 years old Sona from Prague. She’s not a virgin, but her sexual experience is minimal. This log-haired beauty is just interesting… The life’s been rough on her. She’s young and beautiful, but she has no self-confidence. She feels worthless. Her sisters hate her. She’s shy and camera made her really nervous. On the other hand she knows really well she’s pretty and that her tits are just luxurious goods. The interview was exhausting, Sona doesn’t speak much and actually we didn’t even hope for some wild action. That’s why we were shocked when she agreed. You need to see this. Just imagine she has no idea how to suck cock; our cameraman had to teach her a proper lesson. And that’s not all. Watch this video and we promise you will enjoy every second. SEE MORE HERE