Czech Casting – Veronika (2778)

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Czech Casting – Veronika (2778)

Published: 12/17/2011
Name: Veronika
Age: 25
Location: Prague
Occupation: shop assistant
Characteristics: tattooed punk
Veronika is a very extraordinary girl. Not only has she huge tattoo on her hand and extravagant hair style, she has quite extraordinary tits as well. She’s not a typical porn actress, but you will enjoy her much more because of that, she really is one of a kind. This red head tries to look like a tough girl, but she melted in hands of our photographer like butter and let him do everything to her. Just watch and see for yourself her gigantic tits glistening with oil, her mouth hungry for a cock and her pussy wide open. You don’t want to miss this show… SEE MORE HERE