Czech Casting – Veronika (7917)

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Czech Casting – Veronika (7917)

Published: 07/10/2013
Name: Veronika
Age: 21
Location: Prague
Occupation: security / dog guard
Characteristics: squirting fountain

Warning!! Gentlemen, be advised that you could rip your cock off when watching this video. That’s how horny you will be. You won’t get Veronika out of your head even after six months. We guarantee that! This girls is just unbelievable. She shocked us for the first time when she said she works as security on music festivals. She and her dog are on the watch and moderate the visitors who do not behave. Tough girl. Doesn’t look like that though. Especially when you realize she’s only 160 cm tall. The other shocking thing was that she is a well-known photo-model working with the most popular Czech photographers, for example Mr. Saudek. That’s impossible!! We’ll see what happens when this video gets out. Third surprise was when the beauty told us she’d like to get fucked in front of camera!!!! We should also mention her boyfriend has no idea about this and she originally didn’t want to do anything that could upset him. Do you get that? The fourth shock was when this young girl started squirting like a fire hose!!! She will squirt four times during this video!!!! Check that out.   SEE MORE HERE